I've never heard of the "leased employee" model before - where can I learn more?

Entrepreneur.com and the National Association of Professional Employer Organizations both have some good information on leased employees. As for us, Friday People is a wholly owned subsidiary of Your Man Friday - which has been assisting small businesses with bookkeeping, payroll and taxes for over twenty years. Click here to read what some of our clients have said about our leased employee program.

So does the employee work for me or for you?

Although on paper, we are technically their employer; in all practical ways, they work for you. In fact, it wouldn't be unusual for your employees to not meet the Friday People staff - we essentially function as your company's payroll service and benefits administrator.

How does Friday People impact how I manage these employees? What if I need to promote, demote or fire someone?

Friday People does not interfere with the way our client manages their leased employees. Day-to-day interaction with a Friday People leased employee is indestinguishable from any other traditional employee.

If we ever outgrow the leased employee model and need to cancel the service, does that mean I'll lose access to the employees I've previously leased from you?

Not at all, we can transfer their employment status to you at any time. Friday People does not withold previously-leased employees from a client company for any reason.