We have worked with Your Man Friday and Friday People for many years and appreciate their attention to detail and friendly service. We also have many clients that use their services, so it is a wonderful sense of community.

David Woosley, ChFC® ADPA®, Private Wealth Advisor | Franchise Owner

As a small business owner, I need an accounting firm that is trustworthy and dependable. I rely on Your Man Friday for our bookkeeping and tax preparation. I also use Friday People, leased employee services, to facilitate payroll obligations. I find all my contacts at Your Man Friday & Friday People to be cordial, and their service diligent and thorough. I have recommended and am delighted to continue to recommend Your Man Friday & Friday People.

Pablo Schugurensky, M E T A   A R T E

Having worked with them for over five years, I'm very pleased with the service provided by Greg, Steve, and the rest of the Friday People family. What I appreciate most is their commitment to a prompt, top-quality client experience, as well as their exceptional availability, attention to detail, and ease of doing business. You will feel confident knowing that your business needs are in their capable hands.

Andrew M, Friday People Leased Employee

I have been with Your Man Friday for going on six years now. In every instance I've had a chance to interact with them, they have been professional, prompt and a pleasure to work with. Not only have they taken care of any issue or problems that I have encountered (not many!) Steve has always been fantastic about getting back to me quickly and always makes me laugh.

I enjoy the personal touch they give to their clients. Anyone can learn to do a job and do it well...but it takes something extraordinary to make you feel special. Thanks to Friday People :)

Charmaine E, Friday People Leased Employee